Works & Listen

Below is a list of Kerry’s works, some of which you can listen to. Click on the title below the soundcloud track to find out more information about the pieces.

Published choral works (click on the titles to go to the publisher’s website)

Adam And The Mother

Hevene Quene

  • o lux beata trinitas (Cantica Nova, OUP) SATB choir (4 mins)

o lux beata trinitas (performed by The Ebor Singers)

Other choral works

Fall (performed by the Joyful Company of Singers_

    • hexennacht (2009) SSAA choir (5 mins)

Hexennacht performed by The 24

criosda liom a cadal from ‘dusksongs‘ (performed by The Ebor Singers)

  • greencrazysummer (2002) SATB choir (8 mins)
  • the echoes are square-shaped (2002) TTBB choir, glockenspiel, gong, wood block (4 mins)
  • Dart’s Love: a wild swimming chamber opera (2013) baritone, soprano, three female voices as ensemble, clarinet/bass clarinet, electric guitar, piano, percussion (watch the video HERE)
  • Woodwose: a community chamber opera (2013) Massed voices, including adult community choir, operatic tenor, part-improvising quintet of flute, clarinet, ‘cello, double bass and percussion (60 mins)
Vocal works
  • Goodnight Irene (2012), trad./Leadbelly, arr. Kerry Andrew, SSA single voices (3 mins)
  • Night-time Songs (2012), trad. arr Kerry Andrew, SSA single voices (4 mins)
  • hexennacht (2009), SSAA single voices, loop station (5 mins). Also now adapted for SSAA choir:
  • The Danger Girl (2008), SSA single voices (20 mins). Live score to the eponymous 1916 film, co-written with juice
  • i have crossed an ocean i have lost my tongue from the root of the old one a new one has sprung (2007), SSA single voices and beatboxer (4 mins)
  • the song of doves (2006), SSA single voices (2.5 mins)
  • turn on the neon nightswitch (2006) 3 female voices and electronics by Paul J Abbott (6.5 mins)
  • sundial songs (2005) counter-tenor, prep. piano (11 mins). A song-cycle, setting poems by Hilaire Belloc
  • lullaby for the witching hour (2004) 3 female voices (4 mins) Lullaby for the Witching Hour (performed by juice)
  • ojo (2004) 3 female voices (4.5 mins)
  • sundrenched (2003) SSAT single voices (3 mins)
  • shapeshifters (warbitch trio) (2003) 3 amplified female voices and electronics by Paul J Abbott (10 mins)
  • naming song (2002) SSATB single voices (4 mins)
  • luna-cy (2001) 3 female voices (5 mins) luna-cy (performed by juice)
  • tanka 1 (2000) various arrangements for single voices and CD – SSA, SSAAATTBB, SSAT
  • peace song (2000) ATTB single voices (4 mins)
Chamber works
    • bad-luck birds (2012) for recorder quintet (3 movements, 12 minutes)
    • Birdsong For Two Voices (2011) piano duo, speaker, loop station (15 mins)
    • dawnsong (2009) alto/piano, baritone/crotales (3 mins)
    • pollack (2008) clarinet in A, ‘cello, keys, electric bass (5 mins)
    • hammock (2008) Mezzo-soprano, ‘cello (2.5mins)
    • wine, whisky and songs (2008) Mezzo, baritone, clarinet in A and piano (9 mins)
    • I think you’ll find I’M the man (2007) clarinet in A, ‘cello, keys, electric bass (6 mins)

Man(performed by DOLLYman)

    • shiftingsands (2005) oboe, horn, bassoon, viola and double bass (7 mins)


    • 3 songs (you don’t get tigers in africa) (2004) baritone, vibraphone, prepared piano (11 mins)
    • late night radio (sleep music) (2003) 3 female voices with crotales, clarinet trumpet, electric guitar, electric bass, vibraphone, electric organ, electric piano, portable radio (from 15 mins)

late night radio (sleepmusic)(performed by the Chimera Ensemble)

    • ytek’s orchid (2001) violin, piano, percussion (7 mins):

ytek’s orchid (performed by Black Hair)

    • fruit songs (2001) mezzo-soprano, acoustic guitar (11 mins)

blackberry from fruit songs (performed by Jenny Duck-Chong and Janet Agostino of Halcyon)
apple from fruit songs (performed by Jenny Duck-Chong and Janet Agostino of Halcyon)

  • fruit songs (2001) (arr.) mezzo-soprano, violin, clarinet, piano, ‘cello, percussion (11 mins)
  • phat flute (sure shot loop) (2000) flute, 2 percussion (5 mins)
Education and Community works
  • The London Breed (2014): for massed voices, symphony orchestra and devising band/ensemble (12 mins)
  • Screech (2012): an open-source video-piece for recorders that online visitors can compose with!
  • Screech (2012): the graphic score version, made up of fragments of material to be re-composed by performers (here played by Yerbury Primary School)
  • A Lock Is A Gate (2011) Mini a cappella concept-album made with Laburnam Boat Club (15 mins). Listen here.
  • The Spell (2009) children’s voices, assorted strings, percussion, electronics, assistive music technology (40 mins)
  • waterworlds (2005) children’s voices, assorted instruments and piano (15 mins)
  • Keyboard Book (2004) piano/keyboard. 16 Beginner to Grade 4 standard pieces in all styles.
Electronica works
  • Graininess and Sheen (2011) Online portrait of Handel House, by the House (9 mins). Listen here.
  • A Lock Is A Gate (2011) Mini a cappella concept-album made with Laburnam Boat Club (15 mins). Listen here.
Orchestral works
  • mokoondi (with bourbon) (2004) chamber orchestra with homemade percussion, conductor with cowbell (11 mins)
Music-theatre works
  • Wolfsongs (2010) Selection of a cappella songs for actors in Wolf by the Authentic Artist Collective
  • Beginning With Blobs (2009) clarinet, ‘cello, melodica, double bass, electric bass, keyboard, percussion, 3 live voices, sound design. 45-min soundtrack with live vocals for theatre piece
  • sedna stories (2005) juice, clarinet in A/tenor sax, electric guitar, ‘cello, keyboard, percussion (86 mins) Visuals by Harriet Poole and electronics by Paul J Abbott